Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a flurry of fresh fodder for fascinated freaks to flog

This update brought to you by People Who Stay Up Too Late Watching Movies And Getting Fat. Don't do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow!

This Thursday is the continuation of Toxic Thursdays @ PULP Live! in Fort Laudamurderdale (yes, some people actually call it that). To Be Hated and Tim of The Ruins have gotten together to form Bermuda Triangle Productions, and they've brought together Jolly Badfellow, Tonight We Kill and The Actuaries for this week (on short notice!). Remember, at $4 cover and $2 pbr's it's pretty inexpensive, and the Broward location will save gas money too.

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
PULP Live - Jolly Badfellow, Tonight We Kill, The Actuaries
10pm, $4, 18 and up

Mark Pollack's last big hurrah for a while: Rock VS Mark. The man who has brought down a decent chunk of the music you've enjoyed at local dives and cinemas is moving to the Far East to educate. This Friday at Churchill's Mark presents some talented local boys playing the best tunes from talented not-local boys, particularly those of the hardcore persuasion from the 1980's midwest punk scene. The Replacements, Naked Raygun, Negative Approach, and Husker Du squeezed like so much juice into your ear-cups for the small price of $6 and your time. If you see him, thank him and wish him good luck.

Friday, October 9th, 2009
Churchill's Pub - The Replacements, Naked Raygun, Negative Approach, Husker Du
9pm, $6, 18 and up

There's some very exciting shows set for next week, and who knows if there'll be more coming sooner so stay 'tuned'. (That kind of annoys me. We don't use TV sets that you have to mess with the reception due to RF interference, especially since all TV is mandated to be digital now. There is no such thing as 'tuning' anymore, aside from the radio and when was the last time you 'tuned in' a radio station? You just go to the number or hit your pre-set button. I'm the only person in the country with a clock radio that requires manually fiddling 1 millimeter at a time to find NPR)

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