Thursday, September 17, 2009

tons-o-punk this weekend, new event next month

This weekend is action-packed full of good shows.
Thursday is a new (hopefully recurring) Thursday night punk show @ PULP Live!.
Friday is an Oi and Hardcore show at Churchill's.
Saturday The Queers return to Respectable Street, and The Independents return to Zoo Bar.

The most productive and interesting event is this Sunday with the continuation of Can I Say, the monthly movie screening, punk show and record swap at Cinema Paradiso. I still find myself at the fringe of this collection of Old Punk's casual and experienced scenesters, or at least I assume they might have been. They're all well informed on homegrown music from a time I barely knew existed. Ah well, they sell booze at the theater so passing the time depends largely on my wallet. Parking is free on Sundays around these parts (which I am apt to forget again).

The movie this time around is "Llik Your Idols." It's about the early New York underground film scene. (Mr. Pollack, I think I am seeing the trend here) Here's a brief excerpt from a review of the film's topic:

"This arthouse-cum-grindhouse -cum-madthouse-influenced low budget Super-8 filmmaking movement was a loose coalition of lost, angry, damaged, searching, confrontational extreme artistic personalities who found themselves drawn by their personal neuroses and psychoses to the black hole of the Lower East Side during the late 70s/early 80s, during the period of time after punk had razed that city's artistic pretensions and expectations and the No Wave musical scene was enveloping New York's edge-dweller artists in its nihilistic smothering discomfort blanket."

Arguably a potential winner of run-on sentence of the month.
Don't forget that after the film there's 3 very good local Hardcore/Oi/Street Punk bands - three of my favorite local bands actually. The space and light doesn't lend itself to moshing but my mind is usually bruised enough to make up for it.

Sunday, September 27th, 2009
Cinema Paradiso - No Class Action, Howitzer, Nobodys Hero
music at 8pm and movie at 9pm, free, all ages

Also next month is another punk show (keep 'em coming!) at the relatively new Propaganda in Lake Worth.

Friday, October 16, 2009
Propaganda - Jason and The Punknecks, Morgan Knockers, To Be Hated, Angry Pudding
9pm, $5, 21 and up


I thought he was coming but I wasn't sure... but sure enough, Thursday the 24th the evil motherfucker from tennessee is back! This time he's at Zoo Bar so go check out Joe Buck Yourself.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009
Zoo Bar - Joe Buck Yourself, Viva Le Vox, Boise Bob and his Backyard Band
9pm, $7, ?

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