Sunday, September 20, 2009

a look back + a look forward

I was looking for some information about a show this Saturday, September 26th at Alligator Alley. I have a vague idea who Angry Pudding are (iirc, old school all-female punk band) but wasn't sure about Psycho Daisies. Turns out they're just about as old as Charlie Pickett & the Eggs. A very neat webpage is dedicated to chronicling some of the history of the original punk scene of South Florida, some of the bands that played down here and more. They list an old zine and a bunch of old flyers and pictures as well as a guide to collecting old Florida punk & hardcore records. I can't tell you how useful this kind of archive is to those of us who are just beginning to dive into the music of the area.

Here's the zine, Borington Journal, and here's the collector's guide. I also really like the flyers section for a peak back at what used to be current events. A sample reveals something kinda cool... is that Nobody's Heros on the cover, the same band from 1981 as is playing this Sunday at Cinema Paradiso? I think so.

Oh yeah and the Murder Junkies are coming to town. Ya know, one of several little ensembles that used to play with G. G. Allin, probably the most psychotic and insane person ever to front a national punk band. For those that don't know, Allin's on-stage "antics" make Charlie Manson look like a pussy hippie bitch. I'm sure the Murder Junkies don't include that particular aspect of the former repertoire in their modern-day sets, but if you liked the music you'll probably like this band.

Thursday, October 15th, 2009
Churchill's Pub - The Murder Junkies, To Be Hated, Maruta, D.A.G., The 1%, Social Fucks
9pm, $12, 18 and up

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